The Art of Planetary Science

In 2013, I founded The Art of Planetary Science, an annual art exhibition run by graduate students at UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) that celebrates the beauty of science. The exhibition features artwork inspired by science, alongside works created from scientific data or containing scientific ideas. Engaging with both types of art provides a way for people to form a meaningful and personal connection to science outside the confines of the classroom, and these events create an vertex for dialogue between scientists, artists and makers, and the public about our relationship to space. We also work to bring these art exhibitions to scientific conferences, such as the AAS Division for Planetary Sciences annual meetings, which provides an opportunity for the science community to engage with artists in an informal, academic setting.

You can find a longer article and 10 min video on the history of the art show on my art website. Information and photos can also be found on The Art of Planetary Science website or on Facebook! 

Want to learn more about combining science and art? I also teach workshops for artists and educators on how to use art as a tool for learning and the role art can play in space exploration.