The Art of Planetary Science

In 2013, I founded The Art of Planetary Science, an annual art exhibition run by graduate students at UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) that celebrates the beauty of science. The exhibition features artwork inspired by science, alongside works created from scientific data or containing scientific ideas. The juxtaposition of these two types of art provides a way for the public to form a meaningful and personal connection to science outside the confines of the classroom and their psychological inhibitions about their ability to understand or participate in it. It is a powerful tool for engagement that the art community and the local Tucson public have embraced. We also work to bring these art exhibitions to scientific conferences, such as the AAS Division for Planetary Sciences annual meetings in 2014 and 2016, which provides an opportunity for the science community to engage with artists in an informal, academic setting.

Information and photos can be found on The Art of Planetary Science website, or on Facebook! If you'd like to support The Art of Planetary Science, you can donate directly through LPL (choose the art show from the drop down), or visit our Redbubble shop.